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persephone's daughter: a witch baby bat fanmix [21 Oct 2012|03:09am]

Once upon a time. What is that supposed to mean?

"In the room full of musical instruments, watercolor paints, candles, sparkles, beads, books, basketballs, roses, incense, surfboards, china pixie heads, lanky toy lizards and a rubber chicken, Witch Baby was curling her toes, tapping her drumsticks and pulling out the snarl balls in her hair. Above her hung the luminous moon.

Witch Baby had taken photographs of everyone in her almost-family—Weetzie Bat and My Secret Agent Lover Man, Cherokee Bat, Dirk McDonald and Duck Drake, Ping Chong and Raphael Chong Jah-Love, Brandy-Lynn Bat and Coyote Dream Song. Then she had scrambled up the fireplace and pasted the pictures on the numbers of the clock. Because she had taken all the pictures herself, there was no witch child with dark tangled hair and tilted purple eyes.

What time are we upon and where do I belong? Witch Baby wondered as she went into the garden."


one. how we quit the forest - rapustina
two. keep the streets empty for me - fever ray
three. something of an end - my brightest diamond
four. flatlands - chelsea wolfe
five. the wizard - bat for lashes
six. everybody loves you - jenn grant
seven. dead things - emiliana torrini
eight. plantlife - autolux
nine. unannounced - azure ray
ten. en cendres - emilie simon
eleven. blue planet - jorane
twelve. holy holy - wye oak
thirteen. happiness - riceboy sleeps
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TEAM NATHAN NEEDS YOUR HELP! [17 Jun 2010|01:39pm]
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[30 Mar 2010|09:47pm]
Joined racebending, because this movie just seems ignorant to branching outside of the standard white American actors. Honestly, Dev would be fucking amazing for Sokka. All in all; mns can suck the dick I don't have.
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